Maple syrup… 100% pure

The liquid gold

Quebec’s “liquid gold,” maple syrup, is 100% natural and pure.

This fine ingredient is produced by concentrating 40 times the sap of the sugar maple, gathered in the spring.

Maple products contain no additives; they are made by carefully heating, cooling, and stirring the syrup, maintaining a delicate balance among the three processes.

Craftsmanship and knowledge are essential ingredients for success in making high-quality products.

At Ferme Martinette, since three generations, the processing of pure maple syrup has no secrets and comes in many forms, formats and refined packaging. Visit our online store!


Neree BEAUCHEMIN (1850-1931)

(Recueil : Patrie intime)


The Maple

The maple chest hard and strong,

Iron chips which assails
And, despite many and many a notch,
Resists greatest hits North.

In winter, during which drags on,
Frost and snow has woven
The shroud of icy tree.
Maple is dead! the wind howls.

Maple is dead! proclaims to the sun
The proud oak that starts.
Maple prepares in silence
The triumph of his awakening.

Under the harsh velvet mosses
The old wound has healed,
And the sap of a battered trunk
Bursts into glorious shoots.

From the depths of a rich background,
The tree grows, it seems he wants
Magnifier, from leaf to leaf,
The miracle of a fertile heart.

It took only one hour hot
For suddenly, we saw bloom
On the buds, slow to open,
The purple, gold and emerald.

Maple is alive! sings in its flight
While the chorus of forest feast
Maple, strain at the peak
Shuddered at the nightingale’s song.

Against the wind and the avalanche
The majestic king of the woods
Took, and resume a hundred times,
His winning revenge.

Maple symbolizes well
The supernatural endurance
Of this bitter race from France
Who grows in full Canadian soil:

Robust and fruitfully nutritious
Whose side, so often injured,
The severe blows from a proud past
Wears the illustrious scar.

 (Free translation)


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