Privacy and Commercial Policy



Read here our Privacy and Commercial Policy.

Terms of sale

Our prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD $) and payment is made in Canadian dollars. For an estimate of the cost in your currency, you can select your currency from the options available in the upper right corner of the page. However, your payment will be made in CAD $ and the exchange in your currency will be seen on your credit card statement.

In addition to the base price, federal tax, provincial tax (if applicable), delivery costs and taxes applicable to delivery costs are added.

Any other costs that may result from international transport from the destination country such as customs fees, country entry taxes and customs brokerage are at the expense of the customer or receiver, even in the case of a gift offered (if applicable by the customs of the country concerned).

La Ferme Martinette cannot be held responsible for returns of packages in the event of non-payment of these costs (if applicable) by the recipients.




Please note that our products are produced and packaged with the greatest care and in the best conditions. Rest assured of their high quality before shipping. However, certain formats are more vulnerable than others to being damaged during transport, in particular METAL CONTAINERS such as 540 ml cans. Please note that there will be no compensation for these products if the containers are dented, as this does not affect the quality of the maple syrup inside. The only possible compensation will be made if the syrup leaked due to a breakage during transport.




We ship internationnally


Processing time for your order

24-48 hours (working days) for processing your order at our facilities before shipment.

As we process all our products, shipping is always done from our facilities in Quebec, Canada.


Delivery times

The estimated time varies depending on the destination and the chosen delivery speed. This is not a guarantee of delivery date. This choice is offered by opening your account with us and before you proceed to payment.



Fees vary depending on the delivery method chosen, the destination, the weight and the total volume of your order. This choice is offered before you proceed to payment.


Delivery methods

For Canada, Canada Post, UPS, Fedex, Purolator delivery methods are available. If, for any reason, we must change carriers, you will be notified.


For international delivery

For the United States, to facilitate customs clearance, we only work with the services of the Canada Post Corporation (in association with USPS). If, for any reason, we must change carriers, you will be notified.

For other countries, we work with Canada Post, UPS, Fedex, Purolator delivery methods. If, for any reason, we must change carriers, you will be notified.


Secure payment method online

SQUARE for Visa, Master Card and AMEX credit cards or PAYPAL account


Deadlines due to a lack of products or other

If, for any reason, we cannot ship the products to you quickly, we will notify you as soon as possible and you will be given the opportunity to cancel your order before the parcel leaves our facilities.


Return and exchange

You have 24 hours to notify us if you receive damaged merchandise. You can return it to us at your expense if it’s in its original packaging. If the original packaging is in very poor condition and cannot be returned, take photos and send them to us by email. Simply put everything in another box and send it back to us. We will then refund you the total value of the goods within 30 days of reception of the returned product. The shipping costs as well as the return costs will be refund to you after settlement of the complaint that we will have made with the carrier, if applicable.


Package returned for wrong address

It is the customer’s responsibility to enter the correct delivery address. If there is an error, the payment of the costs will be the responsibility of the buyer. The buyer will have to pay the costs of returning the goods to our facilities.

We will deposit a claim to the carrier before sending back the order to the correct address (indicated by the buyer). Following settlement of the claim, if applicable, the costs will be deducted from the refund to the customer if he or she wishes to cancel the order.



  1. Select the currency at the right upper corner of the site page.
  2. Select the products that interest you.
  3. Complete the order.
  4. Open an account by entering your billing and delivery details (if different for the same country or any other country).
  5. The transportation costs will be calculated on its own in connection with the Canada Post software, depending on the weight and volume of your total order. You will have the choice of shipping method and an estimate of delivery times calculated automatically by Canada Post. As the postal services are beyond our control, we cannot be held responsible for failure to meet anticipated deadlines. This indication is an estimate and not a guarantee of delivery on this date.
  6. You can decide to buy by checking your choice and continuing with your purchase or not, or by going back to shopping to change your order.
  7. For security reasons, SQUARE or PAYPAL require that the billing address be the same as that of the credit card holder. You will then receive an email confirmation of your order.
  8. That’s it!
  9. We will keep you informed by email of the processing and dispatch of your order.



You have 24 hours to correct or cancel your order.


Payment security

When you make a purchase with PAYPAL’s secure payment system, your transaction is directed to an Internet payment terminal with a secure connection. This connection uses the 128-bit SSL.2 encryption protocol, which corresponds to the current security standard.

All transaction data (order details, customer identification, credit card number) are encoded to be transferred from your computer to the payment server, which alone can decrypt them. PAYPAL retransmits the information relating to your order to the merchant, except information related to your credit card.

We accept no responsibility for the fact that confidential information about you may be disclosed.



By opening an account on our site, you give us permission to send you our promotions. In order to comply with Canada’s anti-spam law C-28, no promotional email will be sent to you unless you have consented. You can also withdraw your consent to this effect at any time. No email list is used for any other purpose, nor sold or assigned. Please note that in the absence of your consent, you may be removed from our mailing list without notice.

Please note that without your consent, you could be removed from our mailing list without any notice.


Handling of complaints

If you wish to make a complaint, please communicate with Lisa Nadeau, President. She can be contacted as follows: 

Phone (819) 849-7089

Fax at (819) 849-4042



La Ferme Martinette-Division Gourmet Érable inc. / Gourmet Maple Farm
1728 Chemin Martineau
Coaticook (Quebec) Canada  J1A 2S5

We process and respond to complaints within 10 days of the date they are received, free of charge.

If you are not satisfied with the handling of your complaint, you can contact the Consumer Aid Service as follows:

Consumer Aid Service 
Conciliation Department
453 5e Rue, Suite 1
Shawinigan, QC  G9N 1E4 

Tel.: (819) 537-0918
Fax: (819) 537-5259





Collection and use of information

Information collected is used only to process your order correctly and to deal with your complaints, if any.

When you order, only the following personal information is collected:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address

Rest assured that all personal information you provide will be kept confidential, and will be used for the following purposes only:

  • to provide email confirmation of your order;
  • to send a receipt for your payment;
  • to fill your order accurately and deliver it quickly.


Consumer’s consent

No information is collected without your consent.  Please note that by placing an order or making a complaint, you automatically give your consent.  You can withdraw your consent at any time: simply communicate with Lisa Nadeau, using the contact details given above in the “Our commercial politics and delivery “section.


Communication of information to third parties

Your personal information will not be divulged to third parties under any circumstances.


Preservation of information

Both paper and computerized versions of your file are kept.   Only the Complaints Manager, Lisa Nadeau, has access to the area where your information is kept.  Your personal information will be kept for the time needed to process your order and/or complaint.

  • The information will be kept in our office filing cabinets.


Destruction of information

After the information mentioned above has been kept for the designated period, it will be shredded and deleted.



Our electronic catalogue was produced using CMS system.  This software uses cookies in the following way:

First of all, cookies make it possible to keep track of the products you purchase in a merchant’s store until you are ready to leave.  To put it simply, cookies allow you to shop in merchants’ stores.  Cookies are also used to gather statistics that will help merchants improve their stores.  Cookies provide us with information on which pages are visited most frequently, which products are purchased most often, and so on.  This information is then made available to merchants in the form of statistics.  Neither the merchants, nor anyone else ever have direct access to the information contained in the cookies.  Moreover, the cookies contain no personal information (such as your name, address, email address, etc.) unless you expressly provide such information.


Information on our policy

If you would like to know more about our personal information protection policy, communicate with the Complaints Manager, using the contact details provided above.


Access to information

To access or modify your personal information, communicate with Lisa Nadeau, using the contact details provided above.  You can do this free of charge.



To make a complaint regarding your personal information, simply communicate with Lisa Nadeau, using the contact details provided above.  Your complaint will be examined and processed within 30 days of the time it is received.  We will then notify you of our decision.  If you are not satisfied with the decision, you can contact the Consumer Aid Service as follows:

        Consumer Aid Service
        Conciliation Department
        453 5e Rue, Suite 1
        Shawinigan, QC  G9N 1E4

        Tel.: (819) 537-0918
        Fax: (819) 537-5259

Both the merchant and the Consumer Aid Service handle complaints free of charge.


Policy changes

Should there be any change in our personal information protection policy, we will notify you.   We will indicate the revision date at the bottom of each page of our personal information protection policy, and the changes will be made promptly on our site.  Naturally, the policy in effect when you place your order is the one that applies to you.