Our little story at Martinette Gourmet Maple

Get to know our story and understand a little better the path that led us to where we are today!

Lisa Nadeau, CEO

Graduated from the University of Sherbrooke since 1991, Lisa is passionate about fine cuisine and never hesitates to develop her ideas, as she was able to do by becoming sales manager in international markets. With her well-defined entrepreneurial spirit, she brings the creative and innovative side to Martinette Gourmet Maple.


Gerald Martineau, Vice-president | Director of production

Holding a diploma in Agricultural Management from the Agri-Food Technology Institute of St-Hyacinthe, Gerald graduated in 1985 with the Gold Medal from the Ministry of Agriculture for his academic results. He is responsible for managing the production of maple products. With his technical expertise and his role as producer of maple syrup, Gerald brings the perfect balance to Lisa’s developer side.


Our story