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Quebec family business specializing in the production, processing and marketing of high quality maple products, we produce throughout the year over 185 codes of maple products at our facilities located in Coaticook in Quebec, Canada.

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Let us tell you…

Before telling you about us, let us tell you the little story of the farm that is today La Ferme Martinette.

In the late 1700s, Vester Cleveland arrived from Connecticut with his family to settle in the Eastern Townships. We like to believe he was inspired by the breathtaking scenery of the region, but the real reason for his departure from Connecticut remains a mystery. However, there was not enough space on the American east coast and long before the opening of the American Wild West, there was available land to the north of the continent. So he bought 200 acres of land through a Boston office and set out on his journey to work the land that La Ferme Martinette would become.

The Cleveland family was a pioneer in the development of the Coaticook region, with Richard Baldwin. Together they cut down enough pine trees to create a dam in the Coaticook River, roughly where the Charles-Émile-Audet Bridge is now located. With this dam, they were then able to build a flour mill and a sawmill on the banks of the river. These assets have belonged to the Cleveland family for several generations. This greatly contributed to the development of the Coaticook region and to the founding of the Village of Coaticook in 1864, which later became the City of Coaticook.
Very resourceful with their hands, the Clevelands applied themselves to build the ancestral house that is today our home, next to the farm. La Ferme Martinette, which was originally a dairy farm, has been in our family for 3 generations, going from grandfather Ovide Martineau in 1951 to Georges Martineau in 1963, and then was bought by the two of us, Lisa and Gérald in 1990.

And today?

Couple in life, parents of 4 grown children and business partners, Gérald and I have been working since 1993 in the production, processing and marketing of agro-food maple products on national and international markets. By introducing another dimension to the marketing of maple syrup and by offering products throughout the year, we have been able to carve out an enviable and recognized place in the targeted markets, more than 85% of whose sales are done outside Quebec.

Proud of what has been built over time at La Ferme Martinette, we remember the beginnings well, when the processing of maple products was done by hand from our family kitchen in the early 1990s!

The company’s journey has been imbued with our passion, our vision and our perseverance, which have greatly served this mission of offering you high quality products with incomparable taste. La Ferme Martinette offers you only what really represents us: the excellence of the maple … naturally!

And now, we hope you will enjoy our maple products as much as we enjoy making them!

We look forward to counting you among our loyal customers!


Lisa Nadeau & Gérald Martineau