Maple syrup processing technology

Maple syrup is a top-quality raw material because it is 100% natural. Products made from maple syrup contain no additives, and are the result of a delicately balanced process in which the syrup is heated, cooled, and stirred. The figure below shows the temperatures at which the various products are obtained. Craftsmanship and extensive knowledge are essential for successful production and high product quality.

Before being bottled or tinned (in galvanised metal containers), the maple syrup is heated to a temperature between 160o F and 200o F. Heating to a high temperature ensures that the containers are sterile, preventing the formation of mould.


The old-traditionnal method for processing the pure maple soft sweets

One of the most difficult pure maple product to process but a so good fancy product: soft inside and a little cracky outside…one of the most cherished maple product of Quebec’s people!

1- Selection and filtration of the maple syrup

2- Cooking

3- Stiring

4- Molding

5- Unmolding, drying and  

6- First selection of candies

7- Second selection and

8- Packaging in paper cups

9- Final selection of candies 

10-Final packaging for retail.