Factors that affect the maple syrup quality

Quality maple syrup

The quality of maple syrup is affected by many factors.

It should be noted that the production of maple syrup is done in the most natural and ecological standards. This means that no additives, fertilizers or other products are used within the sugar bush during production or processing. Maple syrup is therefore a pure and “healthy” sugar, produced in harmony with nature.


Factors of the sugarbush itself affecting the maple syrup quality:

Quality maple syrup


Crucial factors to be controlled to produce the very first quality:

Quality maple syrup

The paler the syrup, the higher its quality. Indeed, tighter quality controls at the production level would ensure the uniformity and high quality of both maple products and industry practices.

Classification is done using a spectrophotometer equipped with an optical cell. This gives a precise measurement of the percentage of light transmitted by the syrup. Colorimeters also continue to be widely used.

Regarding these facts, only a total of 10 to 15% of all the maple syrup produced annually is of grade Canada A – Golden, delicate taste: the top quality grade!

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