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ORGANIC Pure granulated maple sugar FINE -500g Bag

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ORGANIC Pure maple sugar 500g resealable bag 17.5 oz

Certified by: ECOCERT CANADA  CA-ORG-006


for all international countries except: Switzerland and Brazil.

The principal goal of organic production is to develop businesses that are sustainable and harmonious with the environment.
CAN/CGSB-32.310, Organic Production Systems —

Approximately 12% of Quebec maple syrup is certified organic, in accordance with the Act respecting reserved designations and added-value claims (R.S.Q. c. A- 20.02). Organic standards regulate sugar bush management, plant diversity, fertilization, pest control, tapping, collection and processing of maple water. The specifications submitted to maple syrup farmers is concerned with the stages of maple syrup making, maintenance, farm layout, collection and storage of maple water, as well as with processing maple water, cleaning equipment, storing the finished product and processing maple-derived products.

Products offered in this Collection: pure maple syrup 250ml and 375ml, pure maple spread 300g, pure maple sugar 200g


100% made of pure maple syrup from the condensation of the sugar maple tree’s sap picked up during springtime.

This high quality maple sugar admirably replaces all white and brown sugars and honey in recipes.

Sprinkle over pancakes, waffles, cereals, desserts, yogurts, fruits, ice cream…

Try it in your cold summers drinks or hot drinks such as coffee and tea!

One of the most cherish and popular pure maple product in Canada!!!…

We offer our pure granulated maple granulated in fine crystals and nuggets. 

Ingrédients : Organic Pure maple syrup

Shelf life : more than 4 years           Keep at room temperature.

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