Omelette (Japan)


Ingredients (Serves 4)

6 eggs
2 tablespoons sake
3 tablespoons maple syrup
1/2 teaspoon salt
oil as needed
grated daikon radish as needed



1. Beat the eggs, then add the sake, maple syrup and salt.

2. Heat the frying pan, then add the oil. Add the egg mixture in five to six stages, to make a fluffy omelette.

3. Garnish with grated daikon and serve.


“I make it in a small frying pan on purpose.”
Of course, you could also make it in a square pan for making omelettes with dashi. But, “It’s best to make it in a small, round frying pan. When one layer of the egg is done, you pour in another layer, just as you normally would. The inside is layered, but it isn’t very firm, even a little soft. It’s very cute.” Out comes an incredibly happy looking omelette.


Beat the eggs well, then add the maple syrup. If you use four longer chopsticks, the mixture comes out quite nicely.

Recipe developed by Ms Yoko , Tokyo Japan

Source: Fédération des producteurs acéricoles du Québec

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