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We’re proud of our three generations’ expertise in producing, processing and selling our premium 100% CANADA NO1 Quebec pure maple syrup and maple products on national and international markets.*** We ship to the USA and INTERNATIONALLY


On our site, you'll find a great quantity of information concerning the production and transformation of the pure maple syrup in a large array of many maple products, a lot of maple syrup recipes using maple syrup, maple sugar, maple spread, maple jelly, maple caramel, maple, vinegar, maple candies and maple sweets and interesting links on the maple syrup industry of Quebec and Canada.


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  • Pure maple spread -Blackcurrants 90g
    (pure maple butter with blackcurrants) 90g jar We are proud of this unique product made only from pure ingredients. No additives, no preservatives, no added flavours…naturally! The sublime mixt of of high antioxydants and nutritive properties of the two pure products. Serve this onctuous maple spread on bread, toasts, crescents, pancakes, waffles…or like us, eat it with a spoon! Ingredients : Pure maple syrup, pure dried blueberries ( blueberries, cane sugar, 0.5% sunflower oil.) Shel life :   2 years.     Refrigerate after opening. 3 flavours :   Maple spread- Crannberries                     Maple spread - Wild Blueberries                                                                               Maple spread - Blackcurrants AVAILABLE FORMATS & SIZES :           Glass jar unit:  90g                                                            Gift pack duo and trio                                                            Food service size of 3 kg for restaurants and hotels
    7.19 $ Details
  • MAPLE SYRUP TASTER Wooden Gift case- green
    This lovely naturel wooden and green box contains an array of our delicious maple products from our Original Collection: the traditional maple leaf glass bottle 50 ml pure maple syrup Canada No1 Extra Light, the traditional maple leaf glass bottle 50 ml pure maple syrup Canada No1 Light, the traditional maple leaf glass bottle 50 ml pure maple syrup Canada No1 Medium, clear maple syrup candies 25g   Perfect gift for overseas clients for business or for employees...   Size of the case: 18x17x5.5cm ( 7¼x6¾x2¼ inches)
    28.99 $ Details
    Limited Hand-painted wooden oval gift-box representing the traditional scene of production of maple syrup and containing:   one bottle pure maple syrup CANADA NO1 LIGHT Gallon 250ml one pure maple spread 200 g one maple caramel 200 g one maple jelly 150 ml one pure maple sugar 85 g 5 clear hard maple syrup candies   (Regular ribbons can be replace by Holidays ribbons on request) Great products for a great gift! Dimensions of the box: 30x30x10cm  (11¾x11¾x4")
    83.99 $ Details
  • TRIO CLASSIC Maple - cello
    A lovely cello packaging including 3 jars of traditional pure maple products wrapped in a cello bag with a Martinette's ribbon   Pure maple syrup 60ml Pure maple spread 85g Pure maple sugar fine 40g   A gift-packaging that is always a hit!   Dimensions: 4 x 2 x 8 inches ( 10 x 5 x 21 cm)  
    20.39 $ Details
  • Maple Tradition Market Gift Basket
    A great selection of excellent maple products from our Original collection Martinette . Cello-wrapped gift   in a market basket with gold and green ribbons' Martinette         4 traditional metal cans 540ml of pure maple syrup Canada No. 1 Extra Light,      clear maple syrup candies bag of 150g      125g jar of our creamy fondant pure maple spread (pure maple butter)      125g jar of maple caramel      our traditional jar with metal lid of Pure maple sugar 150g      a jug of pure maple syrup 500ml Canada No1 Extra Light For a typical gift from Quebec !... Ideal for corporate gifts for international customers or employees .... Dimensions: 28 x 18 x 43cm
    99.99 $ Details
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    Maple Basket Red Valentine
    A fine selection of our excellent maple products from Collection Original Martinette:Cello Gift-wrapped in a red Valentine basket containing:         1 glass bottle 250ml Pure maple syrup CANADA NO1 EXTRA LIGHT Reserve      1 maple jelly 100ml      1 box of pure maple soft sweets 100g      clear candy maple syrup 100g bag      2 maple syrup lollipops 20g  Dimensions: 28x14x36cm
    48.59 53.99 $ Details
  • Maple syrup 250 ml-8.5 US Fl.oz Canada NO1 MEDIUM-Maple leaf glass bottle
    Pure maple syrup Canada No. 1 Medium - 8.5 oz / 250 ml Maple leaf glass bottle Called «The blond gold of Quebec», the pure maple syrup is the result of the condensation of the sugar maple tree's sap picked up during springtime.  This 100% pure high quality product is use to coat pancakes, waffles, cereals, desserts and can be use in the preparation of salad dressings, marinades, drinks...
    16.79 $ Details
  • MAPLE Round Basket
    Round basket made ​​of natural fibers containing a fine selection of excellent products Maple Collection Original Martinette:      the traditional glass bottle maple leaf 100 ml of pure maple syrup Canada No. 1 Extra Light,      clear maple syrup candies 35g      a jar of pure maple spread 85g (pure maple butter)      a jar of maple caramel 85g      a jar of maple jelly 60ml      a jar of pure maple sugar 40g fine      A jar of pure maple sugar nuggets 40g Ideal for corporate gifts for their international clients or employees (es) .... Dimensions of the box: 27x27x13cm
    41.99 $ Details
  • MAPLE Small Gift-box
    This cute gift box contains maple products from our Original Martinette Collection:      125g jar of our creamy fondant pure maple spread (pure maple butter)      a jar of maple jelly 100ml      3 candies clear maple syrup  Dimensions of the box: 10x8x9cm
    16.99 $ Details