Organic Maple jelly 150 ml

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Organic maple jelly – 150ml glass jar

Certified by Ecocert Canada with Canada, USDA and EU standards.

Made with pure maple syrup obtained from the concentration of sugar maple sap harvested in the spring.

Our natural and organic maple jelly goes wonderfully well with ice cream, yogurts and desserts… and marvelously glazed cakes as a replacement of fruit jellies.

Spread on fresh or toasted bread in the morning. It also lends itself very well in the composition of a sauce accompanying venison meats or for the glaze of duck.

Of lower concentration because of lower cooking, its texture is firm like a fruit jelly. Another original way to consume maple syrup! ..


Ingredients: Pure organic maple syrup, water, carrageenan (natural gelling agent)


Conservation 2 years. Refrigerate once opened


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