The maple lemonade Saint-Justin


1 bottle 750ml of natural mineral water Saint-Justin
1 or 2 lemons or limes
4 c. tablespoons maple syrup (or to taste)
Pure fine maple sugar sufficient for frosting the rim of the glass






1. Squeeze lemons  and / or limes into a pitcher    and mix with maple syrup
2. Frost the glasses with the pure maple sugar
3. Pour cold mineral water Saint-Justin in a pitcher, add a few ice cubes and serve in frosted glasses.

Note: This is a drink economical, healthy, full of flavor and rich in vitamin C to replace soft drinks too sugary and unhealthy.


Source : Michel  Dagenais-Pérusse

Les Eaux Minérales Saint-Justin /

Office Général des Eaux Minérales (O.G.E.M.) Ltée


The Natural Sparkling Mineral  Water St. Justin comes from a spring discovered in 1895 in the small village of Saint Justin, at the foot of the Laurentians in Quebec, Canada, and is operated by a small family business. The source of St. Justin springs from a natural mineral medium bequeath its unique properties.

This is a product that is distinguished by a low calcium where its softness and high in sodium bicarbonate (HCO 3), giving this element of high digestive properties.