White butter perfumed with maple

The white butter is a famous sauce of accompaniment for the fish and the seafoods. Excellent with the lobster.

125 ml (1/2 cup) of dry white wine
30 ml (2 tbs) of chopped grey shallots
125 ml (1/2 cup) of cream 15 %
60 ml (4 tsp) of butter in small cubes
Salt and pepper to the taste
30 ml (2 tbs) of pure maple wine vinegar Martinette


* In a pan, mix the white wine and the shallots.

* Cook over a low heat up to the complete reduction of the wine. It is important that there is no more liquid. Otherwise, the cream will part in the following stage.

* Pour the cream and reduce by half.
* By whipping constantly, incorporate the cold butter into small cubes to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Salt and pepper. Remove from stove then add the maple wine vinegar. Serve hot.