Microwavable Sugar on Snow

Ingredients :

1 cup of maple syrup

Butter for the bowl


Preparation :

1. Lightly grease an 8 cup bowl 1 cm from the top edge. (This will prevent the syrup from over flowing).

2. Pour in 1 cup of maple syrup.

3. Cook for 7 minutes in the microwave. (Cooking time may vary between microwaves). Pour on packed clean snow.

4. Wait about 10 seconds, roll the taffy on a wood stick … and enjoy a real traditional maple syrup sugarshack treat!!!


** Should you have leftover maple taffy, stir the remaining mixture with a wooden spoon for 10 minutes and you will end up with pure maple butter.


LISA'S ADVICE : The mixture is ready when drops of maple mixture form soft balls when dropped into a glass of cold water or at 234°F ( 112°C) with a candy thermometer.