Pure Maple Wine Vinegar -Glass bottle 250 ml-8.5 US Fl.oz

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Pure Maple Wine Vinegar - Glass bottle 250 ml / 8.5 US Fl. oz

Trends & Innovations Selection SIAL MONTRÉAL 2008


Pure maple wine vinegar made naturally from the double fermentation of the pure maple sap. Aged for 3 years and stabilised at 5% of acetic acid.


Fantastic pure vinegar to cook with. Replaces all vinegars in recipes and gives a delicate flavour of maple. Try it in a white butter sauce to be served with lobster and seafoods…or in your favorite salad dressing.


Shelf life:   more than 4 years       Keep at room temperature

AVAILABLE FORMATS & SIZES:                  Glass bottle of  250 ml

                                                                 Food service size of 4L for restaurants and hotels

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