Legends from the Native Americans

The Native Americans from East Canada and North-East of the United-States discovered the pure maple syrup sap and mainly the way to process it pure maple syrup and this; way before the arrival of the Europeans in North America

Legends are different in each tribe depending of their region.

Some says that dogs were licking the sap from broken maple tree branches that gave the idea to the Native Americans to taste it.

Some other says that it was by observing a squirrel nibbling a branch and drinking the sap that was coming out of it.  The indian wasn't understanding why the squirrel wasn't drinking at the water spring nearby so he decided to taste it.  What a surprise, the sap was a little sweet!


Till then, his tribe could only have sugar in the wild fruits. This was a new way to eat something sweet!  He was just discovering a tree that cries sugar in crystal tears.

Over this he was also discovering a new medicine to help people live trought the cold winter and spring...


Different legends from the Natives on the discovery of the maple syrup in Quebec.


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Legends from the Native Americans