Cello &  bow Gift pack including:   one Gallone Acero bottle Premium Pure maple syrup 250ml CANADA NO1 EXTRA-LIGHT two pancake mixes resealable stand-up ziplock bag:           . MAPLE-CHOCOLATE 500g-18oz           . MAPLE-BLUEBERRIES 500g-18oz   Our delicious pancake mixes are made from organic unbleached flour, authentic Quebec's pure maple sugar crystals and only natural ingredients of very first quality.  ALLERGY: WHEAT   They do not contain any additives, aromas or preservatives.   Ready in a few minutes by adding 2 1/2 cups ( 625ml) of milk, 2 eggs and 2tbsp (30ml) of melted butter, they'll amaze by their unique flavour “of freshly homemade ” and will capture people's admiration for your innovative culinary talents!   About 16 pancakes of 18cm (7 inches).   Try all flavours: Maple-Chocolate, Maple-Cranberries, Maple-Blueberries, Maple-Cinnamon, Maple- Black Forrest and Maple Nuggets.                                               The Excellence of pure maple…Naturally!
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